Releasing the mystery of scent, discover captivating fragrances that is intimately marked by its provenance, designed to take you through an emotive experience whilst revealing a personal story; share a journal of fond memoirs through unique signature fragrances


Curating world-class premium home decorative range for the discerning, we are a powerhouse of contemporary chic with global design sensibilities that stimulate a higher lifestyle. Our designer ornaments collection provide inspiration, transcending the trends with unique pieces that hold heirloom appeal

Discover everyday indulgence

Transform your house into a home brimming with personality. Taking a singular approach to the art of home décor, favoring unusual and unexpected combinations. Designed for sophistication, our collection is composed to inspire and delight. From beautifully crafted designer pieces to nature inspired fragrances, discover the indulgence of a splendorous lifestyle



Driven by a passion to create natural, sustainable and eco-friendly products. Our scented products are hand poured using the finest quality of natural palm wax blend, cotton wicks with essential and fragrance oils inspired by nature.

Our Eco-friendly products are ethically sourced and cruelty free, made with a growing range of fragrances, each inspired by nature to calm, sooth, and delight your senses


Crafting the best products with uncompromising quality, innovation and artistry. Our candles combine distinction and simplicity. Designed to captivate and take you on your very own journey of luxury, elegance and excellence.

Gathering the finest ingredients from all over the world, blending these with elements from home-authenticity, raw beauty and vivid realness you can only find in Splendoria

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